• YOU SCHEDULE YOUR LESSON DAYS AND TIMES. You will get to choose what days and times are convenient for you to work. Once you connect with the swim lesson client, you will schedule the lesson directly with them. This is a great convenience for those who are in school, have another job or have other commitments. 
  • YOU WILL BE FULLY COVERED UNDER OUR INSURANCE. You will be completely covered while teaching under The Adventure Squad. Rest assured that we will handle all legal issues.
  • WE HANDLE ALL BILLING. We will accept and process all payments. You will never have to worry about collecting payments.
  • WE WILL GET THE STUDENTS. We will do all of the advertising and marketing to get the largest base of students available. By offering all of  The Adventure Squad enrichment programs (Summer Camp, Gymnastics, Karate, Soccer, Multi-Sports, Dance) at childcare facilities, colleges, private homes, church groups, etc. we have an extremely large base of clients we advertise to.
  • BONUSES AND INCENTIVES. We offer a bonus and incentive package like no other!


benefits to becoming a part of "the swim squad"

We are currently looking for swim instructors throughout NJ. Please fill out the application below. You will be required to participate in a video interview as well as pass a fingerprint, background and reference check. You could then possibly become a part of "The Squad"!

Swim instructors apply here