How do I register for swim lessons?
1. Please click the REGISTER HERE FOR LESSONS! button on the top of this page.

2. You will be  directed to our Parent Portal. At this point you will be asked to make an account. 

3. Please choose the Swim Lesson package you would like to purchase. Place in the shopping cart and check out by using a VISA, MC or Discover. 

4. The Adventure Squad instructor  will contact you to schedule your swim lessons within 5 business days of the purchase of your lesson package.

Where are you located?
We do not have locations, our Instructors travel directly to a pool of your choice (home pool, housing community, hotel, fitness center, public pool, etc.)

What areas do you service?

We currently service Monmouth and Ocean Counties in NJ. Please visit our website frequently to see when we add more areas!


Should my child be in the pool before the instructor gets to my home?
Yes! Please have your child(ren) prepared to enter the water ten minutes prior to their scheduled start time. The instructor will be entering the water with your child at their start time. Please be aware that we require there be no distractions from you the parent, family members, music, animals, siblings, friends, neighbors, etc. To guarantee that your child receives the best swim lesson possible, parents will be allowed to come outside and view the last five minutes of each lesson.

How old does my child need to be when they start swimming lessons?
We start with the 6 month old babies in a parent and me class! All ages are welcome!

How many weekly sessions do you suggest for my child?

We have a progression of skills that we would like each child to master. The more sessions you register for the more effective the learning process will be.

What kind of skills will my child be learning in their lessons?

Water safety skills, pool rules, survival skills, stroke technique, and safe ways to enter and exit the pool are just a handful of the many skills your child will be learning. Your instructor will have a customized skill progression chart for each student.

Why do you do recommend multiple lessons per week?

This is an accelerated style that is designed to help children retain the information by repeating it daily for multiple days in a shorter amount of time.

Does my lesson have to be at the same time for every lesson?
No. Your instructor will schedule your lessons based upon your availability.

Are there make up days for classes missed or if I forget to be home for my lesson?
No refunds are given for "no shows". If an instructor shows up to the lesson and the swimmer is not present, this will count as a fully paid lesson towards your package. The only make up days we offer are for weather related cancellations, a student is sick or if a cancellation was made by The Adventure Squad staff.

Can children swim with tubes in their ears?

Yes, but we advise you speak with your physician first before doing so. Children with tubes may experience discomfort while floating on their back due to the way the tubes are built. We recommend using ear plugs along with a specialized swimming headband.

What is the required attire?
Children must wear bathing suit and have long hair secured away from the face. No jewelry (small post earrings ok), tee shirts or water shoes are permitted. Please have your child ready to enter the water ten minutes prior to the start of their lesson to become acclimated with the water and temperature of the pool.

Do you allow goggles during swim class?
We do not suggest the use of goggles for beginners because we do not want the child to become dependent on the use of them. Also, in the case of an emergency, you want to have them react to the emergency of falling in to the water versus panicking about water being in their eyes.Your instructor will advise when and if your child will be permitted to wear goggles.

What if my child doesn't like water on his/her face?
Keep in mind that our instructors have a lot of experience with children (and adults) who do not like water on their faces. This is a major component in learning to swim that (we believe) the swimmer must be overcome. How do we aid this process? Exposure, exposure, exposure; followed by gentle coaxing and a lot of praise. We also request the help of parents in encouraging children to get their faces wet during bath time. Handing a child a dry towel or reaching to wipe their wet face will only prolong and enforce their phobia. If you act like a wet face is no big deal, they will learn to overcome their discomfort around water.

What if we do not like the Instructor?
If your instructor is not a perfect match for your family, please let us know and we will try and match you with an alternative instructor as soon as possible.

If children are on different levels of swimming do you suggest them be in a different swim group?
An instructor can try to customize and accommodate both skill levels but if it doesn’t seem to be productive for both children than we will suggest to have each child do their own lesson.

Do you provide a group for the lessons or do we have to put it together?
In all instances the client is responsible to get the group together. If any member of the group is absent from their lesson, refunds or makeups will not be given.

Do you take photos or videos of my child during swim class?
Yes, The Adventure Squad will occasionally take photos/ videos of your child for promotional reason. Your consent is required upon registration.