We bring the swim school to you!

The Swim Squad is a talented and energetic group of professionals dedicated to executing the area’s best at home, learn-to-swim program for your family. We have redefined the swimming lesson experience for thousands of swimmers throughout New Jersey by providing a unique, creative, animated, challenging, and remarkably unique style of teaching. We take pride in our stellar reputation for solid technique, well trained instructors, a creative curriculum and delivering predictable quality instruction.

There are so many things for our children to be involved in today, but learning to swim is a necessity, a life-saving skill. The choices for swim lessons are abundant but that’s why we do one thing extremely well for you: we teach children (and adults too!) to swim better than any other home based program.

Our curriculum was written by our co-owner, Holly Morton. She has been executing, improving, and delivering her own best work since 1994. The hallmark of her vision was to create a method that was not only significantly different but better beyond any other learn-to-swim program. Her goal is to deliver this backyard swim program to as many non-swimmers as possible. This is why beginning in June 2015, swim instructors will carry on this vision that Holly has created over the past 20 years. When something has your name on it a higher sense of purpose and quality attaches itself to the mission.

Program overview

What happens at the first lesson?


Lesson structure


We use our own skill progressions for every age and ability. We use appropriate developmental milestones to guide our instructors that are appropriate for the swimmer's age, ability and maturity. We set the right requirements for every level and they become progressive building blocks to the next skill.

Our program produces strong swimmers with correct technique. Learning to swim isn’t easy for a child. Learning to swim improperly is VERY easy. We’ve seen many children that can get from point A to B but they’ve wasted valuable energy and safety along the way. Our technique is grounded in the strongest core competitive strokes. Our goal is to have your child swimming confidently in your pool with strokes, treading water and floating. Your child isn’t a strong swimmer until this goal has been achieved.

We do not believe it creates a safe environment to pair children of all ages from toddlers to school age in the same class. If you are choosing to attend swim lessons based on the ability to put all your children in the same class, we are most likely not the right program for you. Age, maturity, physical strength, and skill are all important factors in creating a safe and successful class.

We use various equipment as methods to teach in a fun atmosphere.  We don’t use them for our students to “play with toys” even though that’s what they actually think! Our curriculum is based upon having fun through learning.  Our program incorporates  using fun equipment in every lesson.

We teach swimming. We teach treading water. We teach them to save themselves.  We believe if a child can tread water for an extended amount of time it will help with saving themselves. Your child will also learn how to calmly and safely float on their back to "take a rest" while treading. Our number 1 goal is to teach your child how to save themselves.

As your first lesson approaches, you will want to plan to have the swimmers sitting on the top step of the pool 10 minutes prior to the scheduled lesson time.

  • Potty First- All swimmers should use the restroom prior to entering the pool.

  • Safety First- Swimmers may not enter the water until the instructor invites them to get in.

After the instructor has entered the pool, you will now remove yourself, animals, other children, friends, and family members from the pool area. We require no distractions during the swim lesson time. Parents are welcome to observe the lesson from afar so the children cannot see you. We also welcome you to observe the last 5 minutes of every lesson!

We see every type of behavior on the first day or so of lessons. Children crying, clinging onto the parent, hiding and being nervous or scared, are just some of the behaviors. If your child is having any issues participating, please allow the instructor to handle the situation. Let them be your guide as to how they would like you to help (or not!).  That’s their specialty!

After class your instructor will talk to you about the class, the level of your child and what to expect the rest of the lessons. If you have any questions or concerns about your lesson, this is the time to ask!

​​​​​To see the greatest results in the shortest amount of time, these are the suggested packages we recommend when booking with your instructor:

Weekly Lessons Swim 3X per week for 1 week

2 Week Lesson-Builder Swim 3x per week for 2 consecutive weeks 

4 Week Master Lesson Builder Swim 3X per week for 4 weeks

Each option is designed to give families, instructors and most importantly, your swimmer the most effective and productive swim lessons possible.

For example, classes 3X per week are much more effective than 3 classes over the course of 3 weeks.  Frequent repetition is more effective in retaining skills and information when learning how to swim.

The more consistently your child swims, the faster they will progress.

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