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How to Book Swim Lessons or a Pool Party Lifeguard 

The booking platform allows you to preview instructors servicing your neighborhood and to book directly to their online schedule!

  1. Select Service

  2. Enter Your Pool Address

  3. Preview Instructors meeting your criteria.

  4. Book to their calendar!



Bookings are based on time increments and can include up to 3 participants in the water at a time!

Learning Pods can be a great value!

BENEFITS to The Swim Squad Online Scheduling

Our online booking process is designed to make scheduling your lessons and lifeguarding services simple, quick and efficient. Once you input your address and choose your package, you will see a photo, biography as well as the specific services each one of our water professionals provide. You will then be able to see which provider is available on what days and times in your area! You choose the days and times that fit YOUR schedulBenefits toe. 


  • Schedule your lesson days and times immediately!  

We are the only mobile swim school that can instantly tell you which Instructors/Lifeguards are available at what days and times. We understand the importance of being able to schedule your time in a quick and efficient manner.

  • Choose your own instructor.

The Swim Squad allows you see the Instructor/Lifeguard their photo, their full biography, certifications and the specific services they provide. This allows you to choose which provider that is best fit for you. 

  • Automated Availability Notifications

 If you don’t see the availability that you want, let us know. We are continually hiring instructors and lifeguards. We will contact you once someone becomes available. 




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