All lesson packages include free consultations and progress reports to track your journey.

Swim Lesson Programs

Our one-on-one swim lessons provide you the most personalized swim instruction available, allowing you to see progress an impressive pace.
Private swim lessons are the most effective way to develop water safety skills, learn how to swim and become confident in the water for a lifetime.

Our instructors follow the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program. These skills build the foundation for the future development of swimming strokes. With a solid base of fundamental swimming skills an easy progression is made into the next level of swimming. Each lesson is loaded with fun, engaging, and challenging activities that motivate the student. Progress is constantly monitored and evaluated to plan for your next level of success. With focused attention, you are sure to meet your goals faster than you have ever imagined.

All lessons are private or semi-private which means direct attention and faster learning. Each lesson is tailored to meet each students individual needs. Every step of the way the instructor will explain what to expect in the water. We want all students to be comfortable and go at a pace that is right for them.

Swim Lesson Programs

Parent/ Tot Group

Baby/ Toddler

6 Months-3 years


3-12 years


13-17 years
6 Months-3 years

Homeschool Groups


18+ years

Special Needs

All ages

Stroke Refinement

6+ years


5+ years